The Keystone Educational Collaborative  is a dynamic organization dedicated to providing our students, their families, our member districts, and our communities with the very best educational, consultative and related services available. Our aim and focus is to support the efforts of our staff in meeting the special education and related service needs of our students and our member districts. As we collaborate with the superintendents and special education administrators of our member districts, Keystone Educational Collaborative develops and provides programs to meet the growing diverse needs of our student populations. Additionally, Keystone  provides specialized consultation services and high quality professional development programs to support fellow educators and families with their growing needs. We are proud of our programs and services as members of the larger educational community and pleased to welcome dedicated and caring staff to our organization. 

Our employees are the heart and the core of our operational foundation, and we hope that the information in this website will assist potential applicants in realizing the rewards of working in the challenging field of special education and the impact that you make in a child’s life.