The purpose of the Collaborative is to provide intensive educational programs and services for students with disabilities; to provide professional development to educators; to provide related services to students with disabilities in Member and Non-Member Districts and to provide other high quality cost effective services to meet the changing needs of Member District. The Collaborative, therefore, exists to conduct educational programs and services which shall complement and strengthen the school programs of Member Districts and increase educational opportunities for children when it is determined that such programs can most effectively and economically be provided on a collaborative basis. The foregoing purpose includes the authority of the Collaborative, acting through its Board of Directors, to contract with corporations, individuals, associations, agencies and/or any other entities in order to obtain and provide services for Member District(s). In addition, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, the Collaborative will continue to create new programs, increase and expand its level of services in general education, occupational-vocational education, staff development and training, research and development of innovative programs, and in any such area determined by the Member Districts and consistent with M.G.L. c. 40, § 4E.