Mission Statement

The Keystone Educational Collaborative is a dynamic organization dedicated to providing our students, their families, our member districts, and our communities with the very best educational, consultative and related services available. Our aim and focus is to support the special education and related service needs of our students by creating a program that embraces a child centered approach to learning. At Keystone Educational Collaborative our mission is to unite our communities together and to strengthen each individuals’ child’s growth for the future by locking in the foundation of their potential with the educational tools of today. We are proud of our programs and services as one of the many members of the larger educational community and are pleased to play an intricate part of your child’s future.

Values  Statement

  • We accept and celebrate the gifts, challenges, and inspirations of each individual child that we serve.
  • We accept and acknowledge that there are many different variations of being intelligent, and there are many ways to learn about the world around us.
  • We accept and acknowledge that the students we serve may have unique disabilities that have defined them, but that those labels should not hinder their overall potential of being able to learn or to be active members of their community.
  • We accept and acknowledge that learning is a lifelong endeavor and that we should supply a quality education in an integrated process that requires us to focus on child-centered approaches through creative learning experiences.
  • We accept and acknowledge that education is a journey that requires an essential partnership between the home, the school, and the community. We actively encourage our parents and stakeholders in their child’s/ students education life at our programs.