Dr. Kristan Rodriguez presents Universal Design for Learning

On April 25, 2018 FLLAC completed the final presentation of a three part training series aimed to increase staff awareness of issues related to equity and social justice. Dr. Kristan Rodriguez, from the CREST Collaborative, provided a 2.5-hour training on Universal Design for Learning (UDL). UDL provides a framework that encourages all staff to think about creative ways to restructure their lesson plans and instructional practices so that we can reach all learners where they are.

At the FLLAC Orientation in August 2017 Dr. Albert Mussad, from the Collaborative for Educational Services, presented on the effects of poverty on learning and on November 1, 2017, Dr. Cathy Cummins,  Ms. Franjul and Ms. Ahrabi-Nejad from the Assabet Valley Collaborative, presented on Cultural Awareness in educational settings.

Combined these three presentations were designed to provide FLLAC staff with an increased understanding of some of the many issues that impact the education of our students and to provide staff with strategies that help them to reach our students more effectively.

FLLAC is committed to providing our staff with timely and relevant professional development. FLLAC wide professional development, combined with program specific and individual professional development for all staff, will ensure that we continue to serve all of our students effectively, in a caring and inclusive manner. We look forward to continuing these FLLAC wide PD offerings and will work with our staff and the administrative team to select relevant and topics that will have a positive impact on what and how we teach.