The Fenway Bowl, in partnership with Cross Insurance, Samuel Adams, and Boston Globe Media, is proud to acknowledge the following outstanding people in the field of education.  With the mission of honoring and thanking the hard-working educators and administrators who make an impact day in and day out, we tapped schools and associations across New England to get this list of honorees. These names, put forward by colleagues, students, and friends, represent the resilient power of the New England community. From college professors and teachers of all grade levels to custodians, school nurses, administrators, and more, get to know the people who are making a difference and inspiring their communities.

With over 200 nominations, Kerry has been selected by the team at the Boston Globe and by Fenway Sports Management as one of the top 30 Honor Roll nominees of 2022! On December 17th, Kerry and her fellow inductees will be honored during the 2022 Wasabi Fenway Bowl, held at Fenway Park.

Words from Kerry’s nomination:

 “Kerry is a veteran Special Education teacher who has made an immeasurable impact on her students’ lives over the last 10+ years of working with Keystone Educational Collaborative. The population that she works with has significant emotional and behavioral challenges and supports her students academically and emotionally in a variety of ways: providing reading intervention either 1:1 or in small groups to help students make gains toward their deficits, maintaining a calm yet strong support system for students when they are feeling overwhelmed, successfully de-escalating conflicts when students become emotionally dysregulated, and so much more. She is also completing an internship to learn how to become an administrator, as she ultimately would like to be a leader in the program someday and her superiors have recognized that she possesses the skills needed to be successful in that regard. Her students, colleagues, and supervisors are all lucky to have someone who is not only extremely dedicated but is also very good at what she does and makes a difference every day in the lives of everyone she meets.”

Kerry, we are all so proud of you! – The Keystone Family