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The Keystone Educational Collaborative is legally obligated to review with staff certain statewide regulations and policies that are essential to your job.  In the past this has been conducted in person at the FLLAC Annual Orientation.  This year, in lieu of reviewing this information at orientation, each employee of FLLAC is required to participate in the FLLAC Online Orientation process.

The FLLAC Online Orientation test covers the following topics: Civil Rights, Confidentiality, CORI, FLLAC Harassment Policy and Grievance Procedure, Infection Control, Mandated Reporting, Restraint Reporting and Policies , Special Education Regulations and School and Staff Ethics. The entire test should not take more than 45 minutes.  You will be asked to read and review sections from our Personnel Manual and FLLAC policies and procedures and to apply policies and procedures to specific situations by responding to multiple choice or true/false questions.  In order to successfully complete this test you must answer 80% of the questions correctly.  You can re-try this test as many times as you need to.  Your results will be recorded, electronically, and become part of your personnel file. You do not need to complete or submit any certificates or test results to the FLLAC Central Office.

You may take this test at your convenience.  However, you MUST have this test completed by October 16, 2015.

Please note that the FLLAC Online Orientation is an attempt to make sure that allFLLAC staff are familiar with all FLLAC policies and procedures. If you have questions about any policy or procedure do not hesitate to speak with your supervisor for clarification.