ICAN Program Description:

Our Individualized Curriculum Across Needs (ICAN) Program at Keystone provides services for students between the age of 3-18 with a wide range of needs who require highly individualized services involving systematic and behavioral approaches to learning new skills. We acknowledge that a child’s disability should not define their overall abilities and the ICAN program  will support those untapped skills. Within our program we will solidify your child’s abilities by providing a holistic, interdisciplinary approach to learning based upon the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. Students are provided with instruction to be generalized across a variety of content areas that will expand their knowledge including academic, language, social, daily living and behavior skills. The program targets skills within the school based and community environment that will be naturally reinforced and maintained overtime. A wide variety of individualized supports and services that promote optimum self-sufficiency are provided, while addressing the student’s unique needs. The ICAN Program encourages each student to reach their highest possible standard of achievement while working to become self-assured individuals in all aspects of their lives.


Program Features

  • Individualized academic and behavioral programming
  • Technologically and standard based academic curriculum
  • Discrete trial and incidental teaching methodology
  • Social skills and pragmatic language instruction for the community
  • Vocational Skills
  • Independent Living Skill
  • Community Navigation Skills
  • Parent and District Support
  • District Consultative Services
  • Extended Evaluation
  • Extended School Year Program
  • 180 day School Calendar