Keystone Prep Program 

Our PREP Program at Keystone supports students between the age of 15-22 with a wide range of needs that require advanced academic rigor beyond the fundamentals, but below where their neurotypical peers may be performing.Through instruction in advanced academic skills complemented by vocational exposure training, your child’s natural interests are encouraged and merged into transition planning that leads to supported or competitive integrated employment. The program tailors the Common Core standards to specific domain areas that are highly motivating for your young adult to be successful as a working member of the community within the future. The program blends your young adult’s individualized needs with the standards for graduation. We have all experienced the challenges of seeing the greater picture when acquiring new individual skills and have designed this program to assist your young adults to see the relationship of what they are passionate about and the skills that they need to be successful. 

Program Features

    • Individualized academic and behavioral programming
    • Technologically and standard based  academic curriculum
    • Discrete trial and incidental teaching methodology
    • Social skills and pragmatic language instruction for the community 
    • Vocational Skills Development/ Assessment 
    • Independent Living Skill 
    • Community Navigation Skills 
    • Parent and District support
    • District Consultative Services 
    • Extended Evaluation
    • Extended School Year Program
    • 180 day School Calendar