Keystone Elementary Program: 

Our Keystone Elementary/ Middle School  at Keystone is an educational program that supports students between the age of 5-12 that present with significant social, emotional, and learning disabilities, which affect their overall ability for academic success or their ability to participate within the educational community available within their home districts The Keystone Elementary Program is a substantially separate school that focuses on the whole child approach regardless of the disability category.  We acknowledge that some of our children today carry a larger emotional burden than students of the past, and that to navigate life’s many challenges they may need more specialized support and guidance than was historically provided The goal of this full day program is to assist children in developing healthy relationships, skills to self regulate their emotions, communication skills to advocate for themselves and their needs, working toward their full academic potential. The Keystone Elementary Program strives to educate students to possess the social skills required for success in school and in the community while creating a learning environment where students can feel comfortable and confident so they can be the best version of themselves.

Program Features

  • Individualized academic and behavioral programming
  • Technologically and standard based  academic curriculum
  • Discrete trial and incidental teaching methodology
  • Social skills and pragmatic language instruction for the community 
  • Vocational Skills Development/ Assessment 
  • Independent Living Skill 
  • Community Navigation Skills 
  • Parent and District support
  • District Consultative Services 
  • Extended Evaluation
  • Extended School Year Program
  • 180 day School Calendar