Keystone Learning for Life Program

 Our Learning for Life Program at Keystone is an educational program that supports students between the age of 15-22 with a wide range of needs to learn the functional skills to prepare them to handle the complexities of everyday life. We all experience and acknowledge the typical challenges parents and educators face when interacting with the community and have designed individualized programming to support your young adult’s needs. The program focuses on embedding functional academic skills throughout classroom and vocational training to promote an increased level of independence to navigate the community

Program Features

    • Individualized academic and behavioral programming
    • Technologically and standard based academic curriculum
    • Discrete trial and incidental teaching methodology
    • Social skills and pragmatic language instruction for the community 
    • Vocational Skills Development 
    • Independent Living Skill 
    • Community Navigation Skills 
    • Parent and District support
    • District Consultative Services 
    • Extended Evaluation
    • Extended School Year Program
    • 180 day School Calendar